Thursday, October 7, 2010

I have arrived!!!

Hey everyone, I am in Togo and the internet is not soo great but the country is awesome! I am completing training for natural resource management in Gbatopé north of Lomé with 14 other amazing volunteers. I take a shower with a bucket under a banana tree, live with a Togolese family who feed me pate and fou fou and papayas, and take language lessons in French and the local language Ewe. I miss my family and friends and the 4th grade class I will write letters to while I'm here, but I write you all by candlelight each night while the goats bleet and the roosters crow. Cheers from Togo!

Ciao a tutti! Sono arrivato in Togo e ho cominciato la formazione per il mio programma con il Corpo del Pace: Gestione delle Risorse Naturali. Faccio una doccia ogni mattina sotto un albero con le banane, mangio tantissimi cibi differenti come papaya pate e fou fou, e sto imparando la lingua locale Ewe al nord di Lome a Gbatope! Mi mancate tutti voi: coinquillini, studenti, americani; tutti! Spero che tutto va bene in bella Italia!

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